Ways to App Downloads

Ways to App Downloads

Your app has been finally built after much hard work and effort. The design, the app icon, everything has been finalized and on every device on which it has been tested, the app worked flawlessly and you have given yourself that much-needed pat on the back as the app has been finally built.  The only issue which remains is to prompt the users to download the app.

How to increase app downloads – an issue which almost every app developer encounters after the app has been developed. It is also a challenge for app marketers too.

So why is this challenge?

Here’s the breakdown

Any smartphone user downloads an average of three apps per month while the number of apps on both the App Store and the Play Store together are more than four million. With so many apps available, the user is spoilt for choice – this is why it gets so exceedingly difficult to urge the user to download that app.

However, there are many ways using which users can be encouraged to download your app. Here is thus a lowdown on how to increase app downloads,

Prioritizing App Store Optimization

One of the most important ways of influencing app downloads is app store optimization. However, it requires a constant effort to be successful. Most marketers tend to be under the impression that app store rankings depend on metadata such as keywords, ratings, description, and reviews; however, there is more to it. It also needs to be considered how the keywords rank in each app category.

Some of the metrics which can be used to track include – keyword ranking, app store impressions, and the number of downloads for your app.

Creating an Attractive App Icon

The icon of your app is the first thing which someone sees on the app or the play store. As such the design of the app is very crucial for the success of your app. When users conduct a search, out of the many apps which are available, your app should not only stand out but also be eye-catching and easily recognizable.

The design should be a perfect balance between being a clear representation of your app and not being too flashy.

Protect it from bugs

Any app before being released to the public must be devoid of any bugs. However, despite the best efforts, bugs do creep in. As a developer, you should be proactive in fixing any bugs and glitches on the app as soon as they are mentioned by a user online. The grievance should be addressed immediately and the bug fixed so that it does not recur again. Metrics to be tracked here include the crash rate and the retention rate.

Proper Name and Description

A good title can mean the difference between people being able to remember your product by name and referring to it as something on their phone. So, if you want people to remember the name, then it is essential to give it a proper name which is apt yet unique. The name should not be something which is already in use and should be short and easy to remember.

Also, while the app store allows you to use 225 characters, it is best to limit that to a 25 because, in a search result, only twenty-five characters will show.

The description should not be packed with keywords but should be used strategically. Also, it must contain important information such as the features and benefits of the app along with a CTA.

Proper App Marketing

Do not be too conservative with your app marketing budget. Instead of being too cautious with your budget, you must ensure that it is spread out over weeks or months. However, if there is a particular time frame you are aiming for wherein you would like your app to get the maximum number of downloads, then you should concentrate your entire budget during that time period.

Spread out your advertising across multiple channels which are popular with the audience which you are trying to target. These can include social media, email marketing, content marketing, blogs and magazines, etc.

Asking for Reviews

Asking for reviews from the admirers of your app can help increase the number of downloads by leaps and bounds. Reviews which mention your app as being valuable or providing a great experience strike an instant chord with new users and let them know that it is worth their time and effort in getting it downloaded.

Organic reviews from real people are highly more valuable because it also allows the developers to know where they can improve. Also, if the app store gets to know that your reviews are purchased then you risk getting your app suspended altogether. So it is best to reach out to people with real influence. Additionally, you can also incentivize the process of getting reviews.

Investing in Content

You must create content which is compelling and relevant as it can help reach out to more number of potential users. This can be achieved using articles published online, sponsored content, infographics, or videos. It will entirely depend on the kind of app that you are trying to market. Metrics to track here include – the number of organic referrals, number of social shares, and search ranking.

Photos and Videos

This is one of the most important yet often neglected aspects of the app description. Photos include screenshots aids in highlight the most popular and important features of your app. These are also what users typically first search for after they have found your app in the search results. A video, on the other hand, does it one better and allows you to demonstrate your app in action. If you do not have the tools or the expertise to make your own video, you can hire the help of experts to help you.

App Size

If it is an iOS app it should be ideally less than 150MB while for Android users it should be less than 100 MB. This is because cellular data users cannot download apps which are bigger than the above-mentioned sizes. Also, the signal reception quality tends to vary a lot while on the move which further hinders the ability to download an app in a single go when on the move.

App Updates

There is a direct correlation between the high ratings and the frequency of the app update. Thus, releasing frequent updates has many benefits including improving user loyalty and also keeps your app at the top of their minds. This happens because whenever you push an update, the users get a notification on their phones. Apple and Google also like to see regular app updates as it shows that you are committed to the app and it is being regularly updated.

Without the right ASO strategy in place, no matter how good your app is, it will neither get the downloads nor climb the ranks in the rankings. It is thus more than imperative to plan beforehand how your app is to be marketed because as mentioned before, creating an app is just one part of the story. Making an app successful requires different efforts altogether.

If the above-mentioned steps are followed, it will gradually but surely take your app to the top of the app store rankings. Get ahead in the competition today; contact us to understand how we can help you with this.

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