Remove Bad Reviews from Online Platforms

Remove Bad Reviews from Online Platforms

When your online business relies heavily on customer reviews, receiving negative feedback can be devastating. Unfortunately, these reviews are often left flippantly, sometimes even by people who had no actual experience with your company. What these people see as a harmless prank can have a serious negative impact on your online business.

How can you minimize the impact of these bad reviews? Can they be removed? Here is your guide to keeping your reviews positive in 2019 – and weeding out those that might cause trouble.


How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google Business

Google is one of your most important sources for consumer interaction, given its widespread use. In this section, we’ll also discuss how to remove reviews from Google Business.

Steps to Amending a Google Negative Comment

Step 1. Ensure a Google review is genuine. Should your review be false, offensive or otherwise inappropriate, you can easily flag it for abuse and removal by the Google administrative team.

Step 2. Contact your local reviewer directly.

Step 3. Make sure your engagement with negative or bad reviews is public. While it may seem strange to draw attention to a review that focuses on the negatives, showing current and prospective consumers that you respond to these comments will discourage them from leaving without thinking carefully first. It will also show that you take customer satisfaction seriously! That way, whether the reviewer changes their feedback or not, you’ve addressed it in a positive way for your future reviewers to see.

How to Remove Bad Reviews from a Facebook Page

Removing bad reviews from a Facebook page isn’t difficult. Currently, there are two options. The first is to directly remove inflammatory comments from your business’s page. This can be done by clicking the “x” in each comment box. This method takes a while if you have multiple reviews to remove but can clean up your page considerably. If you’re looking to remove negative star ratings from your Facebook page, you can follow the below steps.

Steps to Removing Negative Reviews and Ratings

Step 1. Log in as an admin of your page.

Step 2. Edit your company’s address information with the page editing tool.

Step 3. Uncheck the box allowing your business’s map to be shown on your page.

Step 4. Save this option, and voila! No more star reviews will be publicly visible on your Facebook page! But, keep in mind, even the good reviews will no longer be visible.

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Yelp

To change reviews left on Yelp, it is important to show your consumer that you have addressed the issue.

Steps to Managing Yelp Reviews

Step 1. Check reviews regularly, give users the impression that you regularly check the feedback.

Step 2. Engage diplomatically with those review. It will lessen the chances of receiving a scathing comment, as well as give you the opportunity to make amends right away.

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Amazon

If you are a third-party Amazon seller, you may not have had control over the contents or condition of the item being sold. This means your customer’s feedback may be better addressed by reviewing the product than by reviewing your sale. However, with the world shopping online in 2019, you need to address the negative feedback.

Steps to Addressing Negative Feedback on Amazon

The best approach is twofold.

Step 1. identify if the negative or bad review left was accurate. If this is the case, contact your consumer directly and explain the situation; they will have sixty days to remove the feedback at their discretion.

Step 2. if you find that the feedback left was erroneous or cannot be resolved with the customer by contacting them directly, you may also contact Amazon. The administrators will determine if your complaint is valid and will remove any incorrect feedback within ninety days.

How to Remove Bad Reviews from eBay

eBay requires open and consistent communication. This includes the process of amending feedback.

Steps to Amending Negative Feedback on eBay

Step 1. Should you receive a negative or bad review, contact your buyer or seller directly.

Step 2. Ask about what can be done to make the situation right for them. Feedback is easier to change on eBay, in that neutral and negative feedback can be addressed and amended rather quickly. Positive feedback cannot be changed, making it important to strive for positive reviews upfront every time.

In Conclusion

Knowing how to eliminate erroneous negative feedback and respond appropriately to bad reviews which can give you actual insight into your business’s customer satisfaction is essential in 2019. For more information on keeping your feedback as positive as possible, contact us to know more about our Online Reputation Management services. We’ll help you get your company’s consumer relations on the right track!

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