Magento Support and Maintenance

Magento Support and Maintenance

Is your Magento look in need of some care and attention? E-commerce could be a competitive business and you can’t afford to lose customers at any stage of the process, including at checkout. After you have worked so hard to get the desired traffic to your web site and make potential sales, slow operation or a store crash will be the distinction between lifelong customers and losing a sale.

What you would possibly not realize is that Magento involves a great deal of care and attention to detail for it is in high running order. Here at Pellucid Solution, we provide a comprehensive Magento Management Service, with different packages for various requirements. Get involved with our team to find out more. Magento is the most well-liked platform for making an eCommerce website. If your web site includes a shop or you are an internet merchant, then the probabilities are you’re familiar with Magento and the way it works. It’s a preferred alternative for a variety of reasons, most notably that it permits an honest level of customization which means you create your shop fit seamlessly together with your websites design theme and business practices. You’ll be able to create a store that suits your vogue, picking and selecting components that you simply need.

Magento also features a feature-heavy content management system (CMS) which makes keeping up to date with your e-commerce platform fast and simple. And in the extremely competitive world of internet shopping, staying relevant and up to date is implausibly vital in terms of client retention.

  • Upgrade to the most recent version
    • If you’re not running your Magento web site on the latest version, then you’re not taking full advantage of all the most recent options and advantages that Magento offers. Though they still support older versions, it’s solely the newer versions that receive the constant upgrades and features that make your web site stand out.
  • Select a reliable hosting service
    • You need to make sure you chose a reliable hosting service that comes with all the industry standard safety features. Countercheck that these are up to date and choose a channel that’s HTTPS secured. This conjointly provides you with additional SEO advantages.
  • Configure Magento web site cache
    • This will help to considerably improve the performance of your site. Choose a varnish cache that acts as an online accelerator and helps to spice up the speed of Magento by saving a replica of the page within the RAM anytime a new visitor lands on your page for the first time.
  • Secure the server environment
    • Web security is a hot topic straight away and you would like to try to do all you’ll be able to confirm that your server is safe and secure from an entire vary of online and environmental threats. If you’re collecting sensitive information from customers, then you would like to be absolutely sure you’re doing everything potential to stay this safe.
  • Update Magento extensions
    • Magento uses extensions for themes and different functions. So, after you update your Magento version it’s vital to update any extensions you’ve got too. Otherwise, you’ll be running slowly or there are also some problems operative older extensions with a new updated version.
  • Hire a Magento maintenance company
    • In fact, all of them on top of Magento web site maintenance sounds simple when you read it, however, really enacting all of these changes and finding the time to try to do it’s easier said than done. Besides, if you’re running a business there’s no guarantee that e-commerce and web code is on your list of specialist subjects. And if you’re unsure concerning any of the above, then it would be easier to enlist the services of a Magento maintenance company.
    • There are so many aspects of eCommerce business that require regular care and maintenance. So, hiring an expert or team of eCommerce executives to take care of it simply looks as it just makes good sense. And you’ll be free to do doing what you are doing best – running your business.
  • Why select Pellucid Solution for Magento Maintenance & Support?
    • Our team of Magento specialists has the skills you need to stay updated with everything that’s occurring. Our large expertise in operating with Magento means that we tend to know it in and out, and can help you and your business to get the most from your Magento web site.
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