Logo Design

One Logo communicates...Thousands of ideas.

The logo or brand isn’t simply a graphic however it’s the embodiment of a company – of its space of labor, its ethos, its core values and much more. Planning a logo is usually believed to be one in every of the foremost vital spaces in graphic design and hence considered the most crucial and troublesome area to achieve excellence.

A good logo is exclusive, and not subject to confusion with alternative logos among customers, is useful and might be employed in many alternative contexts whereas holding its integrity. A decent logo ought to stay effective in different forms like little or massive, will add “full-color”, however additionally in 2 color presentations (black and white), and spot color or 0.5 tones.

Why you would need a logo

Logo creates robust brand recognition and familiarity for a business. It makes folks think about your service or product as soon as they see the logo.

Logos are meant to represent corporations and foster recognition by shoppers

It conveys expertness. It helps build trust.

Why opt for Pellucid Solution?

We have years of expertise and helped hundred of corporations to ascertain their brands. At Pellucid Solution we tend to understand the key role a logo has in making a brand identity and we continuously want to take up this challenge because it brings out the best of creativity and pushes our limits to reach the best.

 Pellucid Solution design team has the technical and artistic competencies to develop, build and make a novel identity that’s, a novel logo for your business.

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