Is Your Email Mobile Friendly? Get Ready for Mobile Email Optimization

Is Your Email Mobile Friendly? Get Ready for Mobile Email Optimization

I don’t know from where to start writing on this post but in the era of Smartphones, we cannot leave any domain untouched when it comes to Mobile SEO.

Every day, we receive some promotional offers or discount offers through emails on our mobile phones but if they are hard to read or not so impressive, we just go on deleting those messages from our inbox. Do you have also deleted some promotional emails before? I don’t know about you but yes, I do this because when I have to put lots of strain on my eyes for reading those emails. Therefore, I prefer deleting those poorly optimized mobile emails.  Here comes the vital role of mobile email optimization but before checking the statistics that claims why mobile email optimization is becoming a necessity, it is imperative to know if really these emails sounds genuine to the mobile users or not.

E-Mobile Friendly

Does the Promotional Emails Spam or Genuine?

It does not mean that the emails which are difficult to read or poorly optimized are spam. Instead they are genuine but then also we prefer deleting them from our inbox just due to their poor optimization. You can check the polling reports of LifeHacker that displays the statistics of 49% of poll participants claiming that out of all emails received by them on their mobile phones, only 25 or fewer are spam messages. It clearly depicts that there is a great chance of setting up your business brand among the mobile phone users through your promotional emails, but only at the cost of impressively optimized emails.

Your mobile readiness is another effective way of generation sales through your online existence. Here I am going to present three important cases and their supporting statistics to let you know why Mobile Email Optimization is becoming a necessity.

  1. Mobile Email Usage Surging Amazingly

Are you surprised with this title? I don’t think so because you must be aware of the bursting fame of mobile device usage. Hence, it is important to check some researched data to know how mobile usage popularity is directly influencing the mobile email optimization.

All research reports shows that the number of mobile users accessing emails via mobile devices is surprisingly high and it will increase in imminent days. Therefore, if you really want to receive effective results through email marketing campaigns, then it is necessary to ensure that your promotional emails are efficient enough to be read by majority of mobile phone users.

  1. Businesses Not Geared Up For Mobile Yet

In this cutthroat internet atmosphere, mobile phones have been continuously gaining significance among the users, but still there are majority of business, which are not ready to adopt any new mobile optimization strategy whether it is related with emails or the website design as a whole. However, the stats presented by some reputed websites will force to rethink over your decision if you are also not ready to adapt to this mobile shift.

In spite of the fact that mobile devices are taking desktops and laptops in terms of email accessing, most of the businesses are still not preparing to get maximum advantage from this shift. The reason may be the earlier adoption of technicalities and expertise but you should refrain yourself from getting adapted to changes. Move with the change and increases your opportunities of increasing leads and sales to your website through the optimized mobile emails.

Either you can remain an un-optimized sender or you can use this trending change to grab maximum profit through the mobile devices. You can take advantages of the tools available over Internet to track who is opening your emails and through which devices.

  1. Mobile Emails Contribute to Revenue Generation

When Mobile SEO is gaining importance due to the increasing number of mobile phone users, undoubtedly mobile emails will contribute to business revenue if done accurately. However, we must peep through some key stats that help us in analyzing how mobile emails contribute in the revenue generation of your business.

The increasing fame of Smartphones and tablets has already made Mobile SEO an indispensable part of effective digital marketing services, but the inclination of mobile users towards emails shows that you must consider mobile email optimization if you are willing to achieve immense success and revenue through your online business. It is not concern if you are competing for the success of your eCommerce site or your B2B site, mobile friendly emails can always benefit you from all aspects.

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