Content Management System

As the name suggests, CMS or ‘Content Management System’ is a program that enables web site managers and directors to change, maintain and build websites without using actual coding.

Technically, it’s a collaboration of assorted technologies to supply a platform for developing and maintaining web sites. Moreover, in contrast to the favored perception, obtaining a prepared created CMS for your web site isn’t very expensive.

What Pellucid Solutions Offers

The essential parts of an efficient CMS

  • Ease of use

The CMS we are going to use for your web project are rigorously designed to confirm that it’s straightforward to control for normal and even advanced tasks. We tend to keep things concise, and additionally give on-going support.

  • Support

There will be times once you must speak to somebody to find out a replacement method or dig a bit deeper into a customary possibility. All of our shoppers receive support choices on their CMS together with email, live chat and phone based mostly support.

  • Built for the Clients

Needless to mention, our approach to CMS practicality is to form websites work for the precise necessities of client.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly

One of the various benefits of operating closely with our in-house SEO experts is that we tend to able to tweak the CMS utilized by our clients to confirm that going to be a front runner when it comes in the market.

  • Free security and browser compatibility upgrades

One of the distinctive features we provide our clientele is free CMS security and browser compatibility patches for the lifetime. With an extremely skilled in-house team that focuses on web site designs and development we tend to install updates to our CMS regularly.