AMP News – Accelerated Mobile Pages News

AMP News – Accelerated Mobile Pages News

Google introduced open-source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to render mobile pages quicker. Earlier, the AMP format was solely restricted to news, posts, how-to content, and instruction articles, however slowly and steady Google has been increasing the reach of AMP. it’s even integrated AMP into ad formats for lighter and quicker versions of ads. Recently, the net has been flooded with AMP news because it becomes Google’s latest tool for the mobile content market.

Here is info on Google AMP demo versions introduced for search stories and emails.

1. Google Brings “AMP Stories” in SERPs


AMP stories are integrated into SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for delivering news and knowledge in a motivating format.

So, what’s AMP Stories? in step with Google, “AMP stories” are – “Visually wealthy ways that of storytelling specifically designed for mobile”. Thus, content publishers are given an excellent chance via the mobile-friendly format for presenting the content with wealthy visuals.

The distinctive options of AMP stories are:

  • They are search-focused
  • They involve visually rich interactive content, supposed to be ‘bite-sized’
  • It is still a developer version solely
  • The content is pre-cached and pre-loaded

Not several businesses or brands have adopted the technology and experimented with AMP. The daring ones are CNN, The Washington Post, Conde Nast, Vox Media, Mic, Mashable, etc.


AMP stories cause a challenge to “Snapchat Stories”?


In “AMP stories,” text is combined with pictures, Graphic & Videos which’ll challenge existing “Snapchat Stories” A.K.A “Snapchat Discover”.

Snapchat is the artificer of the conception of “stories”. Facebook and Instagram followed the lead and introduced their own versions. But, the recognition of Snapchat stories was ne’er challenged – up to now. Google has furthered the conception by permitting the content show with photos or video slideshows in mobile SERP.


Snapchat’s challenges


The new ally or enemy of Snapchat is not any longer a social media platform, it’s the computer program large, Google.

Snapchat has earned large revenue from ads running in stories, however, given the reach of Google, their revenue will either decrease or increase, exponentially.

The stories on Snapchat work on the premise – a brief shelf-life of 24-hours. Thereafter, the story disappeared forever. As per info received, this cannot hold true for AMP stories. So, the question is – can Snapchat counter the challenge and extend the lifetime of its stories or will it continue within the same vein?


AMP Stories Highlights

Interactive Content:


It is introduced to extend the speed of the search results on mobile.

  • AMP results on SERP are moving faraway from news articles to an additional interactive and easy-to-grab format through stories.
  • Since AMP stories are pre-cached or pre-loaded, the content starts loading mechanically even before you click on that – rendering quicker speeds.
  • AMP stories are intended to show distinctive content. The computer program large is additional probably to showcase AMP stories with the aim to have interaction guests.


  • Google has plans for pay per click advertising inside the content of AMP stories, which is like Snapchat stories.
  • Research shows – ninety-three of Snap chatters either liked or adored the merchandise or service being publicized on Snapchat stories.
  • Publishers of AMP stories are expected to earn one hundred pc revenue generation.


2. Google Introduces AMP for Email


The new AMP feature has been integrated with email specifications.

Google has introduced the AMP framework for Gmail. presently offered solely to developers, it’s expected to be offered for all users by the top of 2018. Thus, web developers have a preview of AMP for Email and are experimenting with it. several corporations like Pinterest, Doodle,, etc. have taken the daring call to integrate Gmail with AMP which can influence Email marketing.


Advantages of AMP for Email


  • Embed widgets permit for constant update of content.
  • This enables users to browse, click or action any event from their email while not visiting another web site.
  • Increases engagement and interactivity from email.


Is Gmail AMP a challenge for alternative Emails?


Since users will browse alternative web site content from their Gmail, alternative emails can have to be compelled to imitate.

One of the most important challenges highlighted by James Boatwright is the use of Outlook, a Microsoft product by most professionals across the world. it’s a challenge all marketers must be compelled to overcome, however they’re assured that Google can give an answer and alternative email platforms will integrate AMP within the close to future.


Features of AMP for Emails


Modernized Version of Emails: many Gmail users are cautious of the conception of group action significant files with pictures, videos, updated widgets on email could render emails slowly.

But, Gmail product manager Aakash Sahney argues, “Many individuals admit email for info about flights, events, news, purchases and beyond—more than 270 billion emails are sent every day. With AMP for Email, it’s straightforward for info in email messages to be dynamic, up-to-date and unjust.”

So, Gmail AMP is the progressive version of the email and a reliable supply of knowledge.

Take Direct Actions from Emails: Users can get all the data inside their email, negating the requirement to go to another web site. several of the content to be viewed and actioned can be:

  • Latest updates regarding flights
  • Meeting timings updates
  • Fill survey forms inside the e-mail
  • View, like, share or save any image or post




Google is in an exceeding flow of introducing new Accelerated Mobile Pages options et al are undoubtedly about to combat the challenge. So, we tend to expect a slew of AMP updates.

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